Guides to Running a Better Business: 2016 Waypoints Blogs

Pmm recap.jpgDuring the past year, the HORNE PMM team has written about many of the challenges that companies in the public and middle market face. We've tried to provide straightforward, practical information that you can use immediately. Sometimes we examine the macro environment and sometimes we discuss the details. We always strive to make it relevant to your situation.

This week, we'd like to present five blogs that our readers found compelling during 2016. They were published throughout the year, but seem to share the themes of saving money and running a better business.

Death and Taxes

As the presidential campaign heated up, we knew that taxes were on everyone's mind. What would Clinton propose? What would Trump do? The HORNE team detailed the highlights of each plan and presented them in two blogs—one from mid summer and the other just after the election.

State Legislation

The PMM team also kept a close eye on state legislation. A Mississippi Supreme Court ruling fundamentally changed how taxes on component materials would be collected and shifted the burden from the vendor to the contractor. David Stevens outlined the details of the decision and provided two options for action.

Overtime Rules

Josh Edwards tackled questions surrounding the Department of Labor's new overtime rules. Although some businesses were able to develop an appropriate response to the new rules without outside help, others put their companies at risk because they didn't understand all of the implications. This blog helped companies decide how much and what kind of assistance they needed.

Effective Governance

Finally, effective corporate governance is the heart of healthy companies. The VW emissions scandal exposed more than just faulty equipment on automobiles. It also exposed a dangerously inbred board of directors. Hannah Lewis presented three lessons from the scandal that can help any organization create effective governance.


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