Top Highlights from Day 2 of the ACFE’s 28th Annual Global Fraud Conference

With a tropical system threatening the Gulf Coast, we haven’t noticed it here. The conference is perfect just like Nashville’s weather. The following are a few highlights from day two of the ACFE’s 28th Annual Global Fraud Conference:

  1. The morning started with the presentation of several well deserved 2017 awards:
    • CFE of the year award – John Fisher Weber
    • ACFE Educator award – Dr. Diane Matthews from Carlow University
    • ACFE Chapter award – Tampa Bay Chapter
    • James R Baker Speaker award – Janet McHard
    • Guardian Award – Andrew Jennings
  2. The morning keynote speaker was Harvard Business Professor, Eugene Soltes. His curiosity about white-collar criminal’s mindset led him to write convicted fraudsters, which allowed him to research more about how fraudsters made decisions. I hope to learn more in his book. He also responded to my tweet, which was cool in my book.
  3. I enjoyed hearing Janet McHard’s perspective in her session of Bad Accounting or Criminal Act: The Challenge of Proving Intent.
  4. Our lunch keynote speaker was great. It was, by far, the best presentation of the conference so far. Eric O’Neill shared his story about bringing down Robert Hanssen, the Russian spy for over 20 years. The story was Hollywood worthy, and in 2007, Universal Pictures released the movie Breach.
  5. My afternoon sessions were focused on interviewing the corporate psychopath and performing cross-border investigations.

We ended the day with the Charlie Daniels Band concert, which was an amazing event. These are only a few high points from day two, and I am looking forward to day three. Stay tuned for future blogs from the ACFE conference and more.

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