The ACFE Fraud Conference is Worth It

This Sunday, I will be traveling to Nashville for the ACFE’s 28th Annual Global Fraud Conference. The conference starts bright and early Monday morning, and when I signed up, I didn’t realize that I would not be able to celebrate Father’s Day with my family. To be fair, I don’t think my friends at the ACFE were trying to ruin my Father’s Day plans when they scheduled this event because they have many other things to consider. Also, we shouldn’t forget that this is a global conference, and there will be people attending from six continents—it is unlikely Antarctica will be represented.

As I look forward to this event, I can’t wait to see my old friends and meet new ones. I also can’t wait to hear the keynote speakers who will share their personal stories of struggle and triumph. I always love to visit with the vendors who are exhibiting their new fraud fighting software tools. Not to mention, there will be training sessions that will teach me some new techniques, inspire me to lead others, and fuel my passion to continue fighting fraud.

In case you are wondering, we will be celebrating Father’s Day on Saturday with a chance of spilling over to Sunday morning breakfast.

The Examiner Blog will provide continuous coverage throughout the conference with highlights and key takeaways. Please stay tuned early next week to join in the ACFE’s 28th Annual Global Fraud Conference experience.

Are you planning to attend this year’s event? If so, let’s make plans to connect!

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