New Year, New CPA

Recently, I received my letter confirming the annual renewal of my professional license. As I started to file it away, I reflected on how it felt when I was first licensed and could finally use the three little letters, “CPA.”

It’s funny because I can’t remember that day. I was probably excited and overjoyed. If it had been 2019 instead of 2002, I definitely would have shared it on social media.

Almost 20 years later, I have traveled a challenging road with rewards sprinkled along the way, and I know that the future is filled with even more complexities and uncertainties. I have changed throughout my career, but this year will be different. I must grow at an exponential rate to meet my goals. I am excited about the opportunity ahead and also scared of failing.

We are all at pivotal points in our careers. Everything is changing faster than ever before. Technology is changing at an exponential rate. Data-driven decisions are the future. Workforce demographics are shifting to a new generation. And these are only a few examples bringing new challenges to business leaders and services providers.

As I read this year’s renewal letter, I realized that I must again harness the focus and dedication that I needed years ago to pass the CPA exam. I will channel all the feedback that I received throughout my career. I recommend you do the same. Think back to a time in your career when you tackled an insurmountable task. Harness this positive energy to push forward!

It is essential for me to utilize all the tools that HORNE has provided me. These tools are many, but here are a few that were especially useful. I know that I am an anticipator thanks to Daniel Burrus; Tom Hood laid out critical skills for the survival of future CPAs; I ask better questions based on training from Ed Kless; and I practice value-based pricing with insights from Michelle Golden River.

I recommend following the above individuals on social media to gain insights and expand your horizons. They will prepare you for the road ahead. Believe me, it will not get any easier and you can’t ignore it any longer.

With these tools and help from my amazing coach, I will accomplish much this year. Wish me luck, and I wish you the best of luck, too!

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