Anti-Fraud Maturity Curve

I was invited to present this week at AICPA Controllers Conference, where I also presented two years ago. My first presentation was a four-hour workshop about real-life fraud and the second presentation covered the Anti-Fraud Maturity Curve (AFM Curve). The participants learned about the significant impact fraud has on the organizations and people involved—from the loss of human life to millions of dollars stolen.

In this blog series, we will focus on the AFM Curve, a model every organization can use to its evaluate fraud fighting efforts. This curve is a continuum that benchmarks an organization and provides a path to enhance profitability by increasing the number of people involved in the fight. Organizations can also see an increase in employee engagement, enhanced cybersecurity controls, and overall improvement in the organization’s control environment.

Over the next few weeks, we will go through the steps in the continuum: Initial, Manage, Define, Measure, and Improve. Within each post, we will describe the continuum step and identify the tasks necessary to move to the next step in the continuum.

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