ABCs to Fighting Fraud

This is a quick message to help fuel your fraud fighting efforts. Remember the following ABCs to effectively fight fraud:

  • Awareness – Create awareness of fraud throughout your organization with posters and emails. If you need some ideas, just look to the office blood drive for examples. You could even give away t-shirts.
  • Buy-in – Generate buy-in from others within your organization. Be sure to tailor your message to the receiver of the information to explain the value that can be generated by mitigating fraud. As an example, if the receiver is an owner and they value profits, consider stressing that every dollar lost to fraud is an additional cost to the company. If the person is a relationship person, you could explain the emotional roller coaster fraud causes when discovered—which only gets worse the longer the fraud continues.
  • Culture – After you’ve made significant progress in raising awareness and buy-in, anti-fraud efforts will become part of your organization’s culture. Safety within construction companies is a great comparison. We have all seen construction workers at jobsites. You can identify very quickly if safety is a part of their organization’s culture. Fraud must be openly talked about in meetings and as a part of any and all business processes.

These are the three keys to help you implement an effective fraud fighting culture within your organization. Keep fighting the good fight and recruit others to join the cause!

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