A Few Highlights from Day 3 of the ACFE’s 28th Annual Global Fraud Conference

With the exhibitors gone and the conference wrapping up, the final day is always bittersweet. This is my last blog from Nashville and includes highlights from day three of the ACFE’s 28th Annual Global Fraud Conference:

  1. My morning started with two presentations that focused on data science and data capture. Both were informative, but the data science presentation was most enlightening. When a presenter starts out with terms or acronyms that are foreign to me, I know that I will be learning something new, and the entire presentation was filled with new information for me.
  2. At the beginning of our final general session, the ACFE awarded several well deserved 2017 awards:
    • Chapter Website award – Houston Chapter
    • Outstanding Achievement in Outreach/ Community award – Gary Groom
    • The Hubbard award – Robert Holtfreter and Adrian Harrington
    • The Walker award – Tommy Benson
  3. Our final session ended with a convicted fraudster who told his story about climbing the corporate ladder in banking, committing fraud against his family and employer, and spending time in the federal penitentiary.

I want to say thank you to the ACFE. As always, you did a great job planning and hosting a wonderful event. Stay tuned for next Wednesday’s blog because you don’t want to miss my top takeaways from the conference.

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