The Softer Competitive Edge

Like many companies vying for business, I’m often asked what it is exactly that makes us different. What gives us that competitive edge? What sets us apart from our counterparts?

It can be hard to put my finger on exactly what that one differentiator would be, because in my mind there are just so many. But, above all, I find that our culture—how we treat our team members and how we in turn serve our clients—is what gives us that competitive edge.

When someone joins the HORNE team, they become part of much more than a group of colleagues. They join a team that is bound together by a common thread. Our team is passionate about improving the lives of those in communities impacted by natural disasters and as a result, we approach our work with laser-like focus and dedication.

We aren’t impassioned by helping these communities because it’s our job. We’re passionate because the majority of our team has been a part of those communities, finding themselves right in the trenches as the rain falls and the water rises with those we come in contact with every single day.

Our people have lived through the aftermath of floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes and know firsthand the struggles these communities face. As a result, we strive for excellence in aiding our clients and the people they serve. This type of excellence can only be borne out of a sincere empathy—the type of empathy that we embody day in and day out.

While we are a CPA firm at our core, the government services practice group emerged out of the rubble left by Hurricane Katrina—the largest natural disaster this country has ever seen. We are motivated by using our talents to serve people whose shoes we’ve actually walked in before.

I’ve noticed that our passion is contagious. I can see it in our team members, invigorated by the work we do to help others. HORNE Government Services would not exist or have sustained without that passion. It is vital. It’s what drives us. Without that drive, it can be hard to find joy in this line of work.

At HORNE, this passion is largely based on our personal experiences, but also the biblical principles on which our firm is built. I know that God’s provision is what stands over this firm and this practice group. We are driven by being His hands and feet, reaching out into communities and the lives of those who are suffering.

Our competitive edge isn’t cutthroat. Through passion, our extensive experience, and our heartfelt compassion for others, it’s our softer edge that truly makes us the best choice.

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