Amanda Richardson

Amanda has over eight years of experience in Disaster Recovery programs which include both Public Assistance and Community Development Block Grant projects. She has served in both coordinator and oversight roles on multiple disaster recovery projects and programs in Mississippi, Texas, and New Jersey. Her background includes subrecipient and grantee monitoring, performance measure and financial reporting, case management, as well as compliance oversight in areas, which include Davis Bacon, Duplication of Benefit, Income Verifications, Public Assistance Funding, and Section 3.

Recent Posts

August 22, 2017

Subrecipient Monitoring and Its Impact on Your Program

When a grantee passes federal funding to a subrecipient who follows through with a project or program, a true partnership is created. Both the grantee and the subrecipient are responsible for proper performance and compliance with the grant activities.

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Topics: Disaster Recovery, CDBG