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The healthcare industry has experienced monumental shifts in 2017—changes in policy, regulations, technology and mergers that make it difficult to keep up. That’s why our goal is simple: To help our clients anticipate, adapt and take advantage of a transforming industry to accelerate their growth.

Throughout the year, our team shared perspectives and forward-thinking insights around the challenges we see facing healthcare organizations. Concerns around tighter margins, patients’ expectations of higher value and how MACRA fit into your strategies were all top of mind.

Discover what is possible for your organization with the 10 blogs that were the most popular among your peers in 2017 along with key takeaways from each:

Let CMS Pay for Your MACRA and ACO Readiness Costs

The bottom line: You may start getting compensation that takes away the last big hurdle to creating the infrastructure you need to succeed under MACRA and ACOs. Read more.

3 Steps to Reduce Fraud and Abuse Compliance Risks in Hospital-Physician Deals

Pause now and think about your organization’s compliance mindset, policies, and procedures around FMV and CR. Having a strong FMV/CR compliance plan is integral to a solid enterprise risk management system. Read more.

What Small Medical Groups Need to Know About Virtual Groups for MIPS Reporting – Part 1

The takeaway here is that providers have a great deal of flexibility right now to form the kinds of groups that make the most sense for them. CMS might (and probably will) restrict this flexibility in the future, which is a compelling reason to jump on the bandwagon early. Read more.

Dual Status Hospitals Beware of IRS Compliance Audits

Is your governmental hospital dual status? If so, start NOW on conducting the CHNAs and verify you are in compliance with other policies that are required as part of these 501(r) regulations. Showing that you are working to correct the issue might not help you avoid all penalties, but you will be further ahead. Read more.

Would Trump Tax Plan Trigger Entity Restructuring for Medical Practices?

Written May 2, 2017, this blog focused on President Trump’s vision for tax reform and how it had raised more questions than answers, but now we’re getting answers. Read our follow-up to this blog Finalized Bill Softens Blow to Hospitals and Other Tax-Exempt Organization.

CMS May Want Their Money Back

While a large number of healthcare organizations properly followed the rules and carried out the security risk assessment required, a select number received the incentives without doing so. Read more.

7 Key Steps to Take Now to Get Ahead With MACRA

Those who have prepared for delivery and payment model reforms can actually reap rewards for their efforts; it’s not too late for those who haven’t. Read more.

The Road to MACRA Success Does Not End With MIPS

Consider other factors specific to each practice and market in a long-term strategy. When participating in an ACO, consider resource utilization and its related impact on participating provider distributions. Practice leaders should not lose sight of these broader strategic considerations. Read more.

3 Big Themes at the 2017 AHLA Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute

During AHLA’s Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute in February 2017, we saw three recurring themes at sessions focused on issues affecting the industry. Read more.

Top Takeaways from MACRA Proposed Rule

This proposed rule is just one more step in CMS’ journey toward value-based payment for all. By providing this on-ramp to participation in Advanced APMs, the agency is moving our health care system toward lower costs, higher quality and access to care for all. Read more.

We hope you find these resources helpful and we look forward to continuing the dialogue with you about important issues affecting healthcare in our 2018 blogs.


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