Resources to Help Healthcare Leaders Plan for Success in 2015

Nearly a year ago, we started our conversation on this blog about the big ideas and important news driving big changes in healthcare delivery. There are many challenges to face, but also many opportunities that can be mined. It’s an exciting and pivotal time for healthcare leaders and our goal remains the same as we approach 2015: to help our clients meet the future armed with the information that matters.

As you look toward leading your organization into the new year, here is a resource center of articles to help you move your workplace culture forward, note important regulatory deadlines and stay compliant, and secure patient health information (PHI). We look forward to continuing to bring you the resources you need to make informed decisions that protect and grow your organization. Happy New Year from our team to yours!

Healthcare Culture Change and Leadership

What Kind of Health Care Leader are You?
Health Care TEDx Talk You Don’t Want to Miss – The Physician Side of Unnecessary Care
Why Health Care’s Headed for a Crash and How it Can Transform
3 Key Considerations for Using Data to Drive Health Care Decisions
3 Reasons Rural Hospitals Struggling to Compete Should Consider Affiliation
Kill the Snake
4 Habits of Highly Effective Health Care Leaders in 2014
Keep Your Patients Healthy and Engaged
Challenges of Accountable Care Organizations
Rule of Thumb
4 Reasons Bigger May Not Be Better for Hospitals
5 Strategies to Use Regardless of What Happens to the ACA
Healthcare Consolidation and Black Swans
Cost Savings - Yes!...But Not For Patients
Who Controls Utilization? Doctors, Patients, or Lawyers?
Electronic Health Records Fall Short On Data Analytics
I Think I Will Become A Neurosurgeon. Tomorrow.
How Not to Motivate Physicians
Healthcare Costs and the Agent-Principal Problem
Valuation Matters
ABC’s of Documenting FMV On-Call Pay for Employed Physicians
Don’t Miss the Value of Hospital-Based Physicians
Compensating Physicians for NPP Supervision
Non-compliance with Stark Law Costs Big
Maximizing the Value of the Lawyer/Appraiser Working Relationship
New White Paper Doesn’t Settle the Workforce Valuation Debate
Can the Sum of the Parts be Greater Than the Whole?
FMV of Physician Compensation: the Devil is in the Details
Valuation Issues Abound in Physician Emergency On-Call Pay
6 High Risk Areas in Hospital/Physician Contracts
Practice “Bifurcation” Can be Risky Business
Securing PHI in 2015

Clinical Partners or Barbarians at the Gate? Managing PHI Access
AHLA 2014 Fraud & Compliance Forum Outlines Current HIPAA OCR Audit Risks
Not All HIPAA Violation Cases Make the News, Here's Why
Theft Causes Most PHI Breaches & It’s Not Just Laptops
News You Can Use

2 Key Things To Know Now About 340B and Your Health Care Facility
Long-Term Care Hospitals: Prepare NOW for Medicare Changes
Think Bundled Care Won’t Work? Check out what’s happening in Arkansas.
Community Health Needs Assessment Section of IRS Form 990 Gets Significant Update
Why GASB 68 is a Financial Priority for Governmental Hospitals
Are CINs the Newest Cure?
Hospital CFOs Still Seeking Clarity About Allina DSH
Avoiding DSH Fatigue: 3 Reasons to Keep Your Eye on Long Legal Cases


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