10 Takeaways from Day 1 at AHLA Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute

Act Now to Increase Your Odds of Success

Yesterday, the HORNE Healthcare team made notes of key points in sessions with over 400 of the nation’s leading healthcare attorneys. The presentations reinforced the idea that disruptive change is creating opportunities in the industry:

  • The U.S. has the most expensive and least effective health care when compared to other countries
  • HHS has set goals to tie 85% of all traditional Medicare payments to quality or value by 2016 (90% by 2018)through programs such as Hospital Value-Based Purchasing and the Hospital Readmissions Reduction programs
  • Penalties aimed at hospital readmission rates are not working
  • The hospice industry can expect new restrictions and more scrutiny in the future
  • Prime objective of a CIN is the Triple Aim – increase health, improve the experience, while lowering cost
  • Physician engagement is critical in the creation of CIN policies and protocols
  • 20 – 30% of healthcare spending is waste that yields no benefit to patients
  • Office of National Coordinator of Health Information Technology has set goals to promote advancement of electronic health systems and nationwide interoperability by 2017
  • The industry must balance anti-trust in the face ofACA, and provide incentives to increase coordination and cooperation among providers
  • Meaningful use payments now exceed $26B – providers can expect increasing meaningful use audits

Can’t wait to share what we learn tomorrow…


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