When We Make Culture the Priority, Clients Benefit Too

We spend a lot of time and money at HORNE on improving our culture. It’s an investment that focuses on improving career/life integration, personal flexibility, workplace diversity, and continuous feedback. We believe these investments are necessary to win the war for talent in the changing business environment. But making big changes internally can lead to a lot of questions, like will these changes affect client service and business development? And if yes, is that a good thing or bad thing? In this three-part series, my goal is answer those questions and add insight into how building a culture of continuous improvement benefits both team members and clients.

One of the areas I have always been passionate about in my career is client service. Outstanding client service stems from an unwavering commitment to seeing our clients succeed. For me, this often means lots of face-to-face time, travel, meetings, conference calls, trainings, dinners, charity events, and whatever else it takes to build trust. Often, my commitments to my client do not fall neatly within an 8-to-5 workday and can lead to long hours, nights, and weekends. But for me, that’s what successful client service looks like and that investment develops future business.   

Does my vision for client service create conflicts with my commitments elsewhere? Of course there are conflicts!

So how do I integrate my commitments to HORNE, my family, my friends, and my community? I have eliminated a number of energy draining barriers by removing the confines of a traditional 8-to-5 business mindset. I am energized by the idea that I can give my clients 100% and I can be home Thursday to pick up my son from daycare at 1:30.

Our firm’s commitment to flexibility empowers me to focus on impact and results rather than focus on the clock.


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About the Author

Jonathan is a partner at HORNE LLP where he works closely with government clients to design and implement federally-funded programs to recover from some of the country’s most devastating natural disasters. As a new father, he is defining career/life integration under his terms - allowing him to maintain a high level of commitment to his family, his team and his clients.   

Topics: Flexibility, Culture, Client Service, Diversity

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