The Transforming Effect of Feedback

After completing my first busy season in the Ridgeland office, I moved to HORNE’s Hattiesburg office as the only team member in my department.  I had a plan set in place to tackle some of the obstacles I may face, but ultimately knew that most things never go as planned. Luckily, I had a team standing behind me that was ready to take on those challenges as well. I have heard the words “flexibility, feedback, and full potential” a dozen times before, but soon they applied to me in a very real and transforming way. I found meaning in them, and it was due to the support of the people around me.

A year has passed since the move, and we can proudly say that it’s been a pretty successful transition. At the root of everything, we saw how communication can make a difference between growth and complacency. It’s built trust and opened a line of dialogue that initially made me nervous. Giving and receiving feedback can be scary, but through constant communication they broke down that apprehensive wall I had towards difficult conversations.

My team taught me that what I perceive as negative feedback can be the most beneficial. Addressing the problem areas head-on meant that there was an opportunity for growth. I’ve seen that when someone invests in you, they have to bring to light the areas that need improvement. You have to take in the bad along with the good. Also, feedback does not have to just involve the people that work alongside you every day. Some of the best feedback I have received came from people outside of my service line. Due to their fresh perspective or years of experience, I have the opportunity to think outside of the box and consider things that may not have otherwise been brought up.  

Having a constant dialogue about strengths and weaknesses keeps growth at the forefront of our minds. This has encouraged me to own my career in a way that I never would have imagined. The ball is in my court, and I’ve been set up with the foundation to take control of my future. I know that my growth is a direct result of being surrounded by people that pay attention to how I work, structure their feedback accordingly, and constantly push me towards my full potential. Not only have I grown, but I’ve had the opportunity to watch my team grow with me—despite the distance between us.  If the changes I’ve seen this past year are any reflection of what is to come, then I know I am in for the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m blessed enough to be a part of a company that sees my value, so now it’s up to me to make the most of it! Are you open to feedback that could transform your life? 

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About the Author

Caitlin is a healthcare associate focused on reimbursement and advisory services. Her career at HORNE has been marked by creativity, flexibility and the ability to see obstacles as infinite opportunities to be even better.

Topics: Communication, Feedback, Fearless Unrivaled Flexibility

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