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What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone? Maybe it’s their smile or the confident way they speak or even the way they wear their hair. Each of these things paints a picture that forms an opinion and shapes your perception of them.

For a company, the first impression often comes from the logo. A strong logo visually conveys a company’s values and virtues without saying a word. It provides a sense of connection with a business – a brand identity. Think about Nike’s iconic swoosh — it creates a feeling of speed and movement.

At HORNE, we recently introduced a new logo. The design, color and font were all chosen deliberately.

HORNE_A_rgb-1Our san serif font is clean and modern with a futuristic feel. Our icon is an evolution of our previous “H.” This contemporary new “H” represents the fundamental change in our approach. The strong circle depicts our experience, while the open sections represent our commitment to being always open to growth and new ideas.

The HORNE blue and dark navy color combination signifies loyalty, trust, intelligence and precision. This logo evolution is an external sign representing our internal change.

Our commitment is to an extraordinary client experience — one where we bring new insights and perspectives. Where we help clients solve predictable problems before they happen — because we know anticipatory thinking can change tomorrow, today.

We’ve seen our new branding open doors for conversations. When people ask about our new look, we get to tell them about our new focus. As we take our logo out into the marketplace, we’re excited to have conversations about the mind shift within that guided us to our new brand.

We want to share how HORNE strives to challenge the status quo. How we are committed to not just do things differently, but instead, how we serve with more purpose. And how instead of responding to market trends, HORNE helps our clients create new paths from the insights we provide.

We also use these opportunities to share HORNE’s four client promises. We deliver by helping our clients drive change and growth. We serve best when we collaborate and ask more questions. We take a step back to think, dare, anticipate and then work with our clients to push forward. We show we care by generously investing ourselves in our client’s success.

This is HORNE’s new belief system. Our goal is not to just see what’s possible, but help our clients take their challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth.

As we talk with our clients, we want to take time to share HORNE’s futureview and discuss how we create tomorrow’s opportunities, today. When we deliver with collaboration, anticipation and care, it will drive business results. I think that is what’s going to make us unique. 

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Stacey Gaines CasualAbout the Author

Stacey serves as the senior marketing manager for HORNE where she provides creative, strategic solutions to help clients anticipate the future and see the possibilities of what can be.




Topics: Communication, Culture, Client Service

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