It’s Not a Women’s Issue

As Partner Rusty Butcher shared in last week’s blog, advancing women into leadership roles is a critical focus for both HORNE and the profession.  At the same AICPA women’s summit that Rusty attended, Executive Partner Joey Havens and I served on the panel that addressed sponsorship and advocacy in the profession—which, unfortunately, for most can be a check-the-box exercise unless our mindsets change along with our methods. 

As part of the panel discussion, Joey issued a bold challenge to attendees, and subsequently the profession:  Quit treating this as a “women’s issue” and see this for what it is—a huge issue for the profession and for our individual firms.

“The bottom line, to which we accountants like to refer, is that without diverse leadership, we will not be relevant or be able to compete in the future.  We cannot continue to lead or be relevant while competing with less than half the talent leading our firms and teams,” he shared. “Our bottom line is irrelevancy if we are not compelled to put this on the right track.” 

He is bold.  And he is correct. 

I encourage you to read this blog in its entirety:  The Bottom Line: Irrelevancy Is Our Future If We Keep This A "Women's Issue."


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 About the Author:

Kathy Watts, CPA, CHC, guides our Belonging at HORNE Steering Committee as we work to create a culture that is defined by a sense of belonging. She is a risk taker, one who asks hard questions and doesn’t shy away from healthy conflict as long as it pushes us forward. Her efforts with HORNE’s formal sponsorship program are helping to build the Wise Firm.

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