It’s My First Pandemic

I’ve never lived through a pandemic before. I’ve never lead a team or company through so much unknown or during such an unprecedented time.

I’ve never lived through a pandemic, but I am certainly already learning a lot about how to navigate to keep delivering to our clients and our team members:

  1. Give grace to your leadership. See the opening statement.  They’ve never lead your company/firm/organization in this kind of environment before. Your leaders need grace.
  2. Give grace to your teams. See the opening statement. They’ve never worked from home with the entire family competing for attention. Many have never worked from home period. Others are worried about their jobs being eliminated. Your team needs grace.
  3. Give grace to yourself. See the opening statement. Even if you are only scanning the news, you are likely going to feel stress. You are going to feel anxiety. You may feel fear. This new normal will bring a lot of new challenges. You need to give yourself grace.

Lastly, for everyone, let’s keep some perspective. This is not permanent, but it is currently painful.  We will get through it together, and it will be messy and imperfect. It’s my first pandemic, and I hope it’s my last.

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