Is Your Life on Standby or Engaged? It’s Your Choice

We’ve all heard the pros and cons of group projects. It’s a great experience if all team members bring something to the table and work well together. But, what if that isn’t the case? It’s easy for the attitude to emerge of going on standby. You know, the attitude of just standing by to see what happens next. Or waiting to see who will make the next move.  

You see, standby is defined as the state of waiting to secure an unreserved place for a journey or performance allocated on the basis of earliest availability. This may be good for airport travel but it’s horrible if not used properly for career growth and maturity in life.

Are you on standby? Are you a team member who doesn’t take the time to transfer knowledge to your team? Or, are you a team member who could help your partner, manager, or another team member to grow as a leader, but you’re going to stay on standby until you are promoted? Do you see a team member not being included but you go on standby hoping to not cause waves with the rest of the team? Going on standby can be detrimental—to you and your team.

At HORNE, we’re on a journey of building the Wise Firm. I like to think of this journey as one big group project. In fact, even our executive partner reminds us “one team, one direction.” So I’ve chosen to engage and not wait around to see what will happen. I want to help move us forward on our journey, not just sit back and wait to see if it happens.  

Don’t take the easy way out and do enough just to get by. When you are at your next meeting or event, look for ways to step up and collaborate with the rest of the team. Start small and before you know it, you’ll find a voice and drive inside you that might have otherwise remained hidden. Continue to look for ways to engage and make a difference. Let’s face it, a life on standby isn’t nearly as fun as a life engaged!


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About the Author

Malanda is a government services senior associate for HORNE LLP where she passionately lives out our mission each day. Her heart of service and positive energy encourages us all as we continue on our journey to build the Wise Firm.  


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