Intentional Leadership-977883-edited.jpgI'm an avid golfer. Not necessarily the best golfer in the world, but golfing is something I am passionate about and allows me to get outside and decompress after a long week. It's the personal time I need to refocus so that I can be fresh for the week ahead. If you have never played golf before, it is a game that requires many small (but impactful) decisions throughout a round. A common decision I am forced to make is whether to play it "safe" and layup, or attempt the more difficult shot with a higher risk but the potential for a greater outcome. The obvious answer for this conservative accountant is to play it safe, right?  Wrong! As a golf buddy of mine likes to say, "You can't make eagle by laying up!"

I play golf to have a good time and be challenged. The joy I receive from a successful shot and a chance at a birdie or eagle far outweighs the sorrow and frustration I feel if or when I hit the ball in the water. This decision I'm forced to make on the golf course is not unique to my time spent there. Professionally, I am blessed to work for a firm that encourages and empowers its team members at all levels, even an associate like myself without much experience in the accounting industry, to take initiative and the associated risks with the goal of reaching my full potential.  

Often my performance advisor will ask me, "Dan, would you be willing to take the lead and learn about . . .?" or "Dan, there is an opportunity in [blank] where we need someone to take the lead, would you be willing to?" When faced with these questions, it's easy for me to doubt myself and decline the opportunity because I don't want to fail; however, declining would ultimately keep me from ever reaching my full potential and the growth that comes with that. 

At HORNE, we know in order for the firm to reach its full potential and provide innovative, unrivaled expertise we must empower those around to take risks and think outside the box. Our Wise Firm culture is one that encourages all team members, even newbies like me, to stay focused on the future and do their part to make a difference. I find this forward thinking to be exciting and one that I'm proud to be a part of. While it won't always be easy, I will strive to stretch outside of my comfort zone by taking on new tasks and introducing new ideas because I know myself, HORNE, and my clients will #beBetter for it. Will you join me? 

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About the Author

Dan Eveland is an assurance associate at HORNE LLP specializing in providing audit and advisory services to healthcare clients. He’s embraced his role in building the Wise Firm, intentionally taking risks to #beEvenBetter. 


At HORNE, culture matters. So much so, we named our culture the Wise Firm© (yes, it really has a name). It is what we are and what we aspire to be, and we are building it together. To find out how you can help build the Wise Firm, visit the Join Our Team page on

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