Go Hard in the Paint and Own Your Career

I come from a family of high-achievers, medical professionals, doctors, Colonels and Seals. Each of my family members hustled to get where they are at. They own their careers. They go hard in the paint. To those unfamiliar with that term, its origin comes from basketball and means to finish a task aggressively.

Each of their professions wants you to succeed and gives you the opportunities to possess it. They create a culture where you matter. That’s where HORNE steps in. HORNE promotes that type of culture and gives its employees the opportunity to succeed every day.

I knew when I took my first step into HORNE that this place was different. They wanted me to succeed. HORNE says, “You want to take your CPA exam? Ok, let’s go! We’ve got study groups and materials to help you be successful.” “You want to learn about effective leadership in the most convenient way for you? We have a virtual class for that! You can access anywhere at any time.” Boom!!! It’s time to own your career.

Career growth is not handed to you, though. You have to own it. You have to take the opportunities that are provided and make something of it. You have to keep hustling because once that door closes, it might not reopen, but that’s where real ownership comes into play. I’ve heard that when one door closes another one opens, but what happens when that door closes, or the next and then the next? Then, you got to bust through the walls! HORNE wants you to bust through the walls. HORNE gives you the foundation and then lets you make something of it. What a great culture!

When I busted through the walls, I found HORNE. I’ve made leaps and bounds over the past two years here. I took the ideals of our culture and made something of it. I’ve owned my career since I stepped through those doors and have gone hard in the paint from day one. You can’t own your career unless you’re hustling every day and as one of our native Mississippians, Rick Ross, once said, “Everyday I’m hustlin’, hustlin’!”

Are you?

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Samuel.TaylorAbout the Author

Sam Taylor is a supervisor in government services. He is an advocate for putting in the hard work to  own your career in order to reach your full potential.

Topics: Success, Empowered People, Full Potential

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