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A dreamer is defined as a person who is unpractical or idealistic. I define dreamer with two words: forward thinker. Forward thinking is the act of planning for the future and favoring innovation. Let’s imagine for a moment, a young dreamer with aspirations of competing against the most talented athletes in the most prestigious organization of its kind—the NFL.

Upon graduating high school, this individual is afforded the opportunity to compete for a position on the roster of a small Division I football program. But after months of intense spring practices and clashing of shoulder pads and helmets, he isn’t able to secure a position on the football team. His confidence begins to dwindle and those once vivid aspirations of competing in the NFL begin to fade away. It is at this very moment that he reaches his inflection point and begins to forward think.

I like to compare the competitive sport of football to the competitive industry of accounting. The accounting industry comprises numerous firms jockeying for position at the top and battling to bring in superlative talent. Culture is the most important characteristic that an organization can develop to separate itself from the competition. I do not view culture as a physical characteristic but more so something that you can feel deep down inside. The young man from the aforementioned story sat at a crossroads between giving up on his dreams or using anticipation and forward thinking to get ahead of the competition. Due to the essence of time and short attention spans, I’ll jump forward and wrap up the story. The young man eventually reviewed a list of the roster and quickly realized that he was battling 10 to 12 athletes for an offensive position, so he decided to switch to a new defensive position which had six athletes competing. He ultimately separated himself from the competition, secured a spot on the roster and played two full seasons with the football team.

We can all relate to once being a young dreamer with big aspirations. We’ve all had dreams of becoming the next great athlete, movie star or CEO. Being able to apply the young man’s forward thinking mentality in the corporate world of accounting is vital. HORNE has done an exceptional job at separating themselves from the competition using a windshield view while focusing on its culture and its clients. HORNE touts an undeniably unique culture. I believe the unrivaled effort from past and present leaders of the firm is precisely what separates this firm from the pack. Industry leaders across the country are beginning to take note and recognize HORNE as one of the premier firms in the industry.

HORNE’s culture, The Wise Firm, helps cultivate our dreams into reality. A forward thinking, anticipatory organization creates a distinctively valuable culture that contributes to attracting and retaining top talent! Our culture nurtures individuals who have the mindset, confidence and anticipatory thinking to continue to thrust HORNE into the forefront of the accounting industry. What are you facing in your career that could use some forward thinking skills?

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Calvin Moore believes a key to success is the ability to be a forward thinker. He is committed to building the Wise Firm and #beEVENBetter by being anticipatory for his clients and team members.  

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