Flexibility Does Exist With the Right Equation

HORNE was recently certified as a Great Place to Work®, with a 91 percent approval rating. One of the open-ended questions asked team members to describe one unique thing that makes HORNE such a great place to work. As I reviewed those comments, culture was the repeated theme throughout the list. More specifically, our flexibility philosophy was at the top of the list.  

Our Fearless Unrivaled Flexibility (FUF) philosophy emphasizes results and empowered people. It’s not only unique within our industry but it’s unique for each individual as well. About three years ago, I was a new mom of two young girls under four years old, lived hours away from my nearest family member, had a husband who traveled to the west coast for nearly five months out of the year for work, and had a full plate at work. Could I manage it all? I sure did try. During this time, my guilt vampires flourished both at work and at home. But me? Not so much.

I finally got up the nerve to have open communication with my performance advisor and service line partners, and they helped me find a work life integration strategy that worked for both me and the firm. It was in the form of a part-time schedule that best suited my needs and would also meet my teams’ and clients’ needs.

Since our equation for flexibility is Trust + Communication + Commitment = FUF this new arrangement also required more individual responsibility on my part. I learned that flexibility exists, when results exist and that flexibility is not about time, but is about outcomes.

I have found that a compressed schedule has allowed me to be more “laser-focused” and has increased the amount of planning and communication that I have with team members. However, it’s worth noting that flexibility means bending both ways, and there are times when I’m needed to travel, work or take calls outside of my regular schedule. It’s also important to remember that flexibility is an earned privilege, not a right. As long as I keep my commitment to my team and clients, I’m free to define what flexibility looks like for me.

Without a firm that empowers their team members to think about how they achieve results, flexibility would not be an option. Without the support of my team, flexibility would not be a reality. What role are you playing to help others experience flexibility? What guilt vampires do you need to slay in order to make flexibility a reality in your life? I encourage you to answer those questions and start taking those steps today. Flexibility is real and you can experience it!  

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About the Author

Lisa is a manager in healthcare services at HORNE LLP where she is a part of the firm’s healthcare valuation division. A fearless communicator, her willingness to ask hard questions, try new things and challenge old ways of thinking is pushing our firm forward. 

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