Closing the Gap in Leadership Diversity

Three years ago, an internal survey of our team members shined a spotlight on an area we realized we had to be intentional to overcome: Leadership Diversity. Without intent, the unconscious bias of our current leaders would most likely result in the growth and promotion of other team members who reminded them of themselves. We know our future relevancy depends on diversity of thought which comes from diversity of experiences. So, with the introduction of our Belonging at HORNE Sponsorship and Advocacy program, we set out to increase transparency around leadership development, create access and drive diversity in leadership across the firm. This transparency has proven to be a success over the years and opened more doors of opportunity for team members of all backgrounds. We are honored The Journal of Accountancy has chosen to highlight our journey. You can read the full article and learn more about the inner workings of the sponsorship program in this article from The Journal of Accountancy, How to Sponsor Diversity in the Leadership Ranks, which published this week. 



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About the Author:

Kathy Watts, CPA, CHC, guides our Belonging at HORNE Steering Committee as we work to create a culture that is defined by a sense of belonging. She is a risk taker, one who asks hard questions and doesn’t shy away from healthy conflict as long as it pushes us forward. Her efforts with HORNE’s formal sponsorship program are helping to build the Wise Firm.

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