Business Investments Don’t Just Take Place on Wall Street

Business investments take place throughout all levels of a company and when you hear the words business investment you might think of items such as stocks, bonds, and dividends. Perhaps you picture shrewd business deals taking place between titans of the industry behind large, mahogany office doors. While you wouldn’t be wrong, I would like to take a moment to talk about a different type of business investment that we can all take part in no matter what our role or responsibilities. I am referring to investing in your team.

In order for a team to function at its highest level of efficiency and productivity, one must invest time, training and energy into it. An engaged team is one that feels inspired, understood and owns a sense of pride in who they are and their role. They understand not only how to perform their daily tasks, but understand why their role is so important and how it fits into the bigger picture. They understand their purpose.

Now, the question is, how does one create that spark in a team? The answer is simple enoughbe engaged. Take the time to sit with your team members, understand who they are and what they want. Listen to their experiences, acknowledge their strengths and build upon them. Take note of areas that need growth and invest training and time to expand them from areas of potential to areas of success. Encourage diversity, allow for different ways of thinking, and be open to new ideas and thoughts. Remember that each team member is unique and may require different investment styles.

I’d also like to point out one of the most important aspects of an engaged team. Everyone has to make the investment! It’s not only management’s responsibility or even the responsibility of each sole team member. It takes a team effort to ensure that every voice is heard and everyone is invested. What role are you playing to inspire a fully engaged team where you work?

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About the Author

Jessica Loper is a senior associate on the government services team. She believes that being an engaged and caring manager is very important to a team’s success, in addition to having engaged, caring and supportive team members.

Topics: Engagement, Teamwork, Ownership

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