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Lacy Lyons

Lacy is a government services manager for HORNE LLP. She works closely with state agencies and local jurisdictions to design, plan, and implement successful Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) programs. She also provides guidance and quality control for CDBG-DR housing programs and develops policies and procedures for eligibility and construction processes.
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July 09, 2020

Career Growth Without Limits

I started my career at HORNE back in 2010 as an administrative assistant on the firm's first-ever Texas project. So, I've really seen our work in Texas grow from inception and I've played many roles on our team during that time. Today, I am a senior manager and a member of HORNE's partner development program. But my biggest accomplishment to date has been the ability to maintain an impactful career and also build my family.

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Topics: Empowered People, Ownership, Growth Mindset