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Jynger Morris

Jynger Morris is a manager on our People FIRST team who has found her place here—building the Wise Firm. She is engaged in our mission, striving daily to beBetter and committed to helping others find a Sense of Belonging at HORNE.
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July 07, 2016

Attitude is Everything—Are You Choosing Wisely?

I thought I understood culture.  I thought I understood organizational change and development. I mean, I have a degree in anthropology after all. But boy was I wrong.  

After a few months at HORNE, I looked around and thought that we were “fluffy.” That our ideas and ideals were too lofty and that our heads were in the clouds. I thought that we changed our mind too much, and that it reflected negatively on leadership because we couldn’t make up our minds and stick with our decisions. I can’t help but think I’m not the only one that was looking at it with the wrong perspective.

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Topics: Wise Firm, Culture