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January 16, 2020

Fierce Ownership and 100% Responsibility Mindset

In my coaching interactions throughout the firm, I am often asked about the concept of fierce ownership. Some seem to grasp the concept intuitively, while others may struggle to come to grips with how to live out this commitment. To me, fierce ownership is showing up every day with uncommon discipline and acting on every action, opportunity or request as though you personally, literally owned your practice group, even as though you owned the firm! It is putting the needs and best interests of your clients, colleagues and the firm before your own.

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Topics: Discipline, Results, Ownership, Growth Mindset

December 05, 2019

The Give and Take of Networking

Building powerful relationships and partnerships is the very essence of the popular business term NETWORKING. But, too often, young (and sometimes old) professionals think of networking as transactional. “I need to meet you so you can help me be successful.” This folks, is a losing strategy.

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Topics: Strategy, Relationships, Comfort Zones, Networking

June 13, 2019

A Matter of Trust

The first job of a leader is to inspire trust. But why…and how?

The why behind the significance of building trust is that the essence of leadership is the ability to persuade teams to act boldly in alignment with a big vision. The reality is that none of us are likely to be inspired or influenced by leaders we do not trust. Where there is low trust in a relationship or on a team, there is the very real perception of high risk. Conversely, where there is high trust, the feeling is one of low risk. This is where we are not afraid to step out of our comfort zone or our defensive/cautious posture and try something new and bold. But then, how do we establish trust?

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Topics: Relationships, Trust, Leadership

July 26, 2018

What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

Fear is a deep-seated and natural human emotion. Indeed rational fear helps us make sound decisions and even helps keep us alive. But less primal/survival fears are learned as we grow and experience life. It’s these less rational fears that can stall or even derail our professional growth and career trajectory. Fear of failure, of being wrong, of not being good enough, of being taken advantage of and even fear of success can all diminish our capacity for growth, success and happiness.

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Topics: Growth, People Development, Full Potential

June 04, 2015

3 Things Young Professionals Should Evaluate about Potential Employers

In higher education, the end of the spring semester is always one of my favorite times of the academic year. One of the reasons I love working with students in college is the definitive beginnings and endings, and beginning again. From freshman move-in to the excitement of spring commencement ceremonies, there is seldom a dull moment! It is also during this time of year that I find myself counseling with soon to be graduates about their career search.

It is easy for new graduates entering the workforce to allow others to define for them what a good job and a good organization look like. Advice is more than plentiful from professors, family members and friends. But I coach graduates entering the workforce to decide for themselves the kind of employer and work environment they want. I challenge them to look beyond the name brand, starting salary and benefits, and perceived prestige of potential employers to instead really dig into the organization’s values, vision and culture.

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Topics: Wise Firm, Culture