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Whatever happens to you is for the good of the world. That would be enough right there. But if you look closely, you’ll generally notice something else too: whatever happens to a single person is for the good of others. (Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 6.45)

Three months into my career at HORNE, it is the culture that stands out. Different from previous experiences, I believe HORNE’s culture is the direct result of an intentional pursuit by our leadership to engage and empower each team member for the benefit of the firm.

The Ancient Greek term oikeiôsis does not have an exact translation to English, but it might be understood as capturing how we as human beings feel a kinship with the rest of the world. At any workplace — and certainly for me at HORNE — a sense of belonging allows for an environment where ideas can be freely shared and where the best will filter to the top.

HORNE, to me, has felt very much like an adoption into a new family, one that is engaging, caring, and emitting positive energy. HORNE’s culture is called The Wise Firm, an ideal that we will all work together toward becoming grounded in truth and established in our principles to empower people and effectuate results.

When I began the search for the next step in my career, I sought advice from nearly everyone, near and far, with whom I shared a prior connection and believed might help me. Among those was a HORNE Healthcare partner from my hometown. As a result of our connection, he introduced me to a HORNE Government Services partner whose values of making a difference sparked our discussion, and later, I was introduced to a HORNE Capital Strategies partner whom I connected with through a shared interest in real estate. That relationship continued until I found myself at home at HORNE.

One of my highest priorities thus far has been engaging with coworkers who have been at HORNE much longer than I have. Since joining the company, I have continued to discover shared interests with new colleagues — and even several I had prior personal or professional connections with before I joined HORNE.

A strong culture should spill over and be felt outside the members of the group that forms that culture. In fact, I felt a strong sense of belonging — one of the cornerstones of HORNE’s core values — long before I even joined the team. My journey can be traced through a combination of shared values and relational connections I encountered along the way.

At HORNE, we are "One Team One Direction." We are a firm on a shared path to serve our clients with values that create and sustain positive energy, all while staying steadfast to our commitment of our client promises, delivering a WOW client experience. Each one of us plays a role — and each of us is connected.

I chose to work at HORNE out of a desire to make an impact, to surround myself with like-minded professionals, with the expectation that we will play a part in driving positive change and impact.

If you can see the road, follow it. Cheerfully, without turning back. If not, hold up and get the best advice you can. If anything gets in the way, keep moving forward, making good use of what you have on hand, and sticking to what seems right. (Marcus AureliusMeditations 10.12)

Indeed, the good that each of us does or strives to do impacts the rest of us, and only together can we realize our full potential. Ensuring that each of us finds our home at HORNE through building and rekindling connections, placing a premium on culture, is among the most important roles that we play to making HORNE the special place that it is.

I felt the effects of our culture before joining, found it through shared connections, and now actively seek to contribute back through “making good use of what [I] have on hand:” caring team members and a new home at HORNE.

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Neal-Stephens_12Neal Stephens is one among many team members who are passionate about building the Wise Firm. He is fueled by his desire to make an impact and play a part in driving positive change in the world.

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