March 13, 2019

Thanks for Everything, I Had a Wonderful Time!

We recently lost our Yorkie and best friend, Jazzy. Jazzy was almost 16 years old and was truly a member of the family.

I’ve shared several stories about Jazzy’s comfortable lifestyle and the lack of change in his day compared to ours. CeCe treated him like royalty and they even shared a favorite snack, white cheddar Cheetos. Jazzy often traveled with us to some of his favorite spots in Oxford, Destin or Eagle Lake where he knew his way around and made himself right at home. He had always been independent in that he would do his napping anywhere, but the last six months, we knew his time was close when he wanted to be held or sit/lay right beside you (preferably CeCe, I was more or less his backup plan).

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Topics: Sense of Belonging

September 13, 2017

Culture Leads Innovation: Part 2 of Building a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is a key to our future success, and we can build a culture of innovation within our own teams. This 3-part series explores what it means to build a truly innovative culture at your business or firm. Make sure to read Choosing to be Open Minded, Part 1 of Building a Culture of Innovation, to understand the entire journey.

Sunday, I went to a church where my son Brandon and his family attend. CeCe was not feeling well so I was meeting Brandon, Margie and the kids there. On the way to the church, I got a text that they were not going to make it as they had been up all night with the baby. Sully (Sullivant) is four months old now and our sixth grandkid. As I sat in the parking lot realizing I barely knew anyone at this church, I started thinking about heading home. I did not have a sense of belonging and was really dreading having to meet a lot of new people or explain why I was alone visiting today. Lots of excuses go through our minds when we do not have that sense of security—our sense of belonging.  

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