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September 15, 2021

What is Missing?

Oh, how I love my first cup of coffee early in the morning. Sometimes, I’ll grind my own beans and make a big pot, especially if we have overnight guests. But for workdays, it’s usually just a Keurig pod. This morning, I walk into the kitchen, let Oliver out the patio door, grab my coffee pod, pop it in the Keurig and we are moments away from starting another great day.

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Topics: Focus, Purpose

July 31, 2019

Purpose Requires Context

I have a teleconference in five minutes and my cell phone battery is blinking a red 4%. How is this possible? There’s no way I have used my phone enough to drain the battery this low. The airport is busy and I need to walk to my gate as I do this call. Thank goodness I have my portable charger in my bag so I can keep moving towards my gate.

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Topics: Purpose