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May 29, 2019

Why Our Best Kernels Don’t Pop

Popcorn is a favorite snack at our house. Pro tip: drop in a few M&Ms right after popping—delicious! CeCe, who hates to cook, has grown to love this snack, too, and one day a few weeks ago, she ambitiously decided to pop herself a nice fluffy bag of popcorn. She stuck the package in the microwave, hit the popcorn button and left the room as she usually does when "cooking."

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Topics: Growth, Full Potential

June 06, 2018

Pruning Makes Us Even Better

As I pulled up the driveway, I knew Cece was in her element. She was muddy from head to toe and plants, flowers, water hoses and clippers were scattered everywhere. She got her love of gardening from her late father, Poppy.

As I walked up to hear the latest gardening updates, she had the clippers whirling on the rose bushes. “Cece, aren’t you being a little aggressive with those clippers?” I asked. She replied, “Poppy always said to have the prettiest roses, you have to prune them as they produce more blooms than the individual plant can support.” I must admit, Poppy had some beautiful rose gardens although I’m not sure he enjoyed the pruning as much as Cece, but I kept that thought to myself.

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February 03, 2016

Utilizing a Youthful Attitude to Reach Our Full Potential

It’s easy to see the sheer joy on my granddaughter, Dabs’, face as she enjoys her first experience snow sledding. She loves for Pops (that's me!) to come see her and I wish I could have been there when she ventured out last week to go sledding. However, I realize she would have had me on that sled too. 

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