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October 20, 2021

What Kind of Guardian Are You?

I’ve just finished lunch with my partner and good friend before he leaves for a week-long Disney trip with his family. He shared some of the activities they had planned and how some things had changed due to COVID. It sounded exciting for someone who loves Disney. (Not me, but my grandkids are anxiously waiting). I know I’m going again, but I’m holding out for fewer restrictions and for the younger ones to get a little taller. Hey, if you have to go, go when you can knock it all out — rides and kids!

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October 13, 2021

Proactive Risk-Taking Increases Opportunity

CeCe and I have just landed in Charlotte, grabbed our rental car, and are headed towards Highlands, NC, which is a little more than a 3-hour drive. My Waze app tells us the interstate is SLOW in several places and as we look around, we are traveling about 20 MPH right now. So, I pull up an alternative route. It’s longer with many twists and turns, but it might get us there 20 to 30 minutes sooner based on traffic flow.

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October 06, 2021

Transformation Requires a Proactive Approach

Finally, we are having some cooler weather. I make my way to our backyard to pull these five tomato plants up, throw them over the fence and stack my wire supports for next year. It’s going to be slightly more difficult than I had planned as CeCe has her Zinnias planted right next to them and in fact, they are intertwined and growing together. Now I know this is sacred ground as many of these are in full bloom, plus it saves us a little money as CeCe always finds ways to have fresh flowers in our home.

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September 29, 2021

Has There Ever Been a Better Time to Go Off-Road?

About once a quarter, I hire Tony to completely detail my SUV. He always comments on how dirty it is. Today will be no different as he drives up to pick it up. I know it is muddy as I have been over at camp and had it off on a trail looking to fish our oxbow lake.

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September 22, 2021

Price Is Rarely the Issue

Walking into the sunglass section of this nice sporting goods store, I’m stopping at the Costa sunglasses. As you know from previous blogs, I’m down to one pair and I really want a pair for driving and as a spare for my next moment of stupidity which seems to follow me around.  

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September 15, 2021

What is Missing?

Oh, how I love my first cup of coffee early in the morning. Sometimes, I’ll grind my own beans and make a big pot, especially if we have overnight guests. But for workdays, it’s usually just a Keurig pod. This morning, I walk into the kitchen, let Oliver out the patio door, grab my coffee pod, pop it in the Keurig and we are moments away from starting another great day.

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September 08, 2021

Collaboration Is Critical to Success

“Will you hang these curtains back up? I have the hooks already in them.”

I gaze over at the pile of curtains sitting on our den couch and then up to the tall windows. I’m thinking this will require the ladder for sure.

“Sure, CeCe, that’s the very next thing I will do. Just let me finish with this blog.”

Three hours later, I had my blog draft ready, the dog walked, scoured my Ole Miss football news, paid some bills and finished a snack. Then the glare from the sun hits me right in the eyes as I walk by and I am immediately reminded of the glare that I’m going to get from CeCe when she walks into the room. Oops! I have completely forgotten the curtains.

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September 01, 2021

Are We Anticipating Our Next Opportunity?

This is Oliver, our five-pound Yorkie who just turned one year old. He is such a treat and has a boundless personality. He loves people and dogs. Jumping high in the air to pop bubbles with the kids or fishing with me on a lazy Saturday, he enjoys life.  

Today’s picture really caught my attention because of what Oliver is doing and how focused  he is on it. This is a regular activity, and it has paid big dividends as he now has lots of neighborhood friends, including several dog buddies that come over for playtime. Our neighbors have noted they can’t walk their usual dog-walking route because their dogs throw a fit until they go by Oliver’s house to see if he is outside for playtime. Ha!

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August 25, 2021

Urgent Weeds Out Important

CeCe has an upcoming medical procedure that many of us over the age of 50 endure every five years or so. And I just received notice that I have a very important meeting which will take me out of the state for three days which, as you might guess, hits right on the date of her procedure. 

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Topics: Discipline, Focus

August 18, 2021

Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity

CeCe is the guardian of her Aunt Kate, who is a resident at an independent living facility about two miles from our house. Aunt Kate is 83 and a retired teacher and principal. She is bright as ever, always keeps up with current events, however, she has begun to have short-term bouts with confusion. This has not really caused any real problems and she still drives her car for short errands around town. Well, no problems until tonight.  

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August 11, 2021

Multi-Tasking Lowers Our Productivity and Raises Our Stress

"Wow, CeCe, you look like you have had a long day," as I come into our den after work.  

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August 04, 2021

Your Attitude Determines Your Success

It’s Tuesday morning and I have just completed a blazing 3.5-mile jog. (I have to tell myself these exaggerations so I will go again.) Completing my stretching on our carport, I open our patio door and step inside. Before I can close the door, CeCe greets me with some bad news.

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July 28, 2021

How To Deal With Bad Eggs

Last week, we had just cleaned up the duck eggs from our front yard when one egg exploded filled the air with a stench that nearly brought me to my knees. After hosing the sidewalk down, I ran into the house to get away from this smell that was continuing to make me gag.  

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