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Nov 25, 2014 10:30:00 AM

Changing the Culture on Healthcare: A Focus on Quality and Cost

The meeting point between cost and quality of healthcare is recognized as the shared responsibility of providers, individuals, government, and insurance companies. Seems like a lot of differing objectives, which begs the question as to what role each of us should play in shaping the future of healthcare?

Banks are an undeniable influence in the communities they serve. With that in mind, we share a recent TEDx talk by Dr. Thomas Prewitt. A former surgeon and the current Director of the HORNE Healthcare Delivery Institute, Dr. Prewitt discusses why our U.S. healthcare system seems to be going off the rails, and whose responsibility it is to encourage fiscal and patient sense. He uses real-life, memorable examples to illustrate how we’ve reached critical mass in healthcare by buying into unnecessary care that puts patients at risk and drives up cost.

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