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Oct 22, 2014 11:30:00 AM

Banking Success and Lessons from the Golf Course

Recently, I had a great reminder of the art and importance of communication. I am an avid (okay, borderline obsessed) golfer. I am constantly trying to figure out ways to better my game, with an ultimate goal of lowering my handicap to a three.  

Last weekend, I was telling my wife about my last few rounds of golf, going into detail about the rounds (highlighting shots and putts) and explaining why/when/how these rounds would get my handicap closer to my goal. She appeared to listen with interest for about 15 minutes. When I was finally done with my impassioned story, she looked at me and asked, “What is a handicap?” 

At that moment, I realized I had lost her about 20 seconds into my recap. She’d spent the rest of the time wondering, “What the heck is a handicap?” 

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