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January 10, 2018

By Implementing Technology Early, Financial Institutions Reap Greater Benefits

For some years now, financial institutions (FIs) of all sizes have been tasked to leverage new technology. In many cases, integrating new solutions has come as part of larger regulatory demands—and often, obligatory ‘updates’ are the most difficult to accept. Nonetheless, those requirements are opportunities to justify spending on technology resources that offer benefits far greater than the assurance of compliance.

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Topics: Fintech, Technology

September 13, 2017

4 Steps to Help Millennials Build Wealth and Security

As the adage says, one of the surest ways to combat fear is to confront it head on. Financial anxiety is one of those fears. For 85% of adults, concerns around unplanned emergencies, medical expenses, insufficient funds for retirement, and school loans rank as the top stressors in their life.[1] For young, Millennial-aged adults, these concerns are even more pressing.

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Topics: Millennials, Growth

May 25, 2016

How Hackers are Stealing Your Value

We recently shared some statistics that demonstrate the cost of cybercrime by industry. Particularly, that the annual combined loss from cybercrime in the US exceeded $525 million (USD) in 2015. While financial institutions have the highest risk of threat and the highest average annual costs caused by cybercrime, virtually every industry is at risk. 

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Topics: Electronic Health Records, Hacker, Banking

November 17, 2015

Why Culture Drives M&A Success

The internal audit function can be a powerful resource for creating competitive advantages and driving growth. It’s relatively intuitive to consider how identifying efficiencies and mitigating risk can aid in the sustainability of an organization. A deeper look at the internal audit (IA) process reveals that it is also incredibly effective for nurturing a strong bank culture during an M&A transaction. 

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Topics: M&A, Culture, Internal Audit

April 30, 2015

Are You Educating Your Customers?

2014 piece by Intuit Quicken reported that in a national financial capability study performed by FINRA, participants were asked five questions related to everyday personal finance and economics - 61% of the participants were unable to correctly answer more than three questions.

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Topics: Bank Trends, Culture

October 22, 2014

Banking Success and Lessons from the Golf Course

Recently, I had a great reminder of the art and importance of communication. I am an avid (okay, borderline obsessed) golfer. I am constantly trying to figure out ways to better my game, with an ultimate goal of lowering my handicap to a three.

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Topics: Culture, Banking

August 14, 2014

Are your S Corporation’s Tax Distributions at Risk?

It seems every time you turn around, there is a new regulation creating unique opportunities, challenges and risks for banks. The new Basel III capital rules are no different, and for S corporations the capital conservation buffer could have a significant impact on future tax distributions.

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Topics: Regulations

July 23, 2014

Am I Paying Too Much for This Deal?

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A’s) represent a great opportunity to increase the value of your bank and to achieve quick growth. For those reasons, there continues to be a rise in the number of M&A deals.

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Topics: Risk Assessment, Hospital Acquisition

July 16, 2014

Positive Outlook is a Choice

Psychologists estimate that roughly 80% of your day is filled with negative thoughts. In the current economic and regulatory environment, it might seem like 100% for bank executives!

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Topics: Culture, Bank Growth

June 19, 2014

Who Owns Your Tax Refund?

Are you among the multitude of banks that have faced the question “Does our tax refund belong to the bank or holding company?” Well, on Friday, June 13, Federal regulators issued final supplemental guidance on income tax allocation agreements involving holding companies and insured depository institutions. The issuance represents regulators’ efforts to eliminate confusion and bring closure to the debate around the ownership of tax refunds. 

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Topics: Regulations, Tax

May 28, 2014

Is There a Correlation Between Board Engagement and High Performance?

As a Board member, am I highly engaged in my bank’s activities or am I focused on the basic requirements? As the overall banking environment continues to evolve and as regulations remain high, board members can offer insight that is very impactful.

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Topics: Bank Growth, Leadership

April 30, 2014

How to Preserve Bank Identity During M&A

In today’s banking environment, new challenges surfacing with the slowly improving interest rates are requiring more focus on interest rate and liquidity risks.

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Topics: Hospital Acquisition, Bank Growth

February 26, 2014

We Won’t Look at Your Shoes

It’s been said that you can tell you have an accountant with a personality if he looks at your shoes when he is talking to you, rather than looking at his own.

We’ll admit that we love to work with numbers, but please don’t stereotype us as traditional CPAs.  At heart, we are just like you – relationship builders.  That means we look clients in the eye, have real conversations about important topics, and genuinely care about helping solve business issues. 

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