Ann Cleland

Ann is a partner at HORNE Cyber where she oversees all aspects of cyber assurance services. Ann’s depth of knowledge in assurance covers service to a variety of clients in both external and internal audit capacities including governmental A-133 audits; and in industries as diverse as real estate, healthcare, nonprofit, retail and manufacturing.
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August 23, 2017

What Banks Need to Know About the AICPA Cyber SOC

For organizations of every kind, data breach incidents are "when"—not "if" events. Especially for business entities (like banks) that manage clients’ private information, building vigilance against threat actors, unintentional compromises, and other cyber vulnerabilities is as much a part of risk management as instituting compliance measures. But understanding how to spot weaknesses, build transparency, and engage checks and balances demands a new level of focus and capability for many banks.

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Topics: Electronic Health Records, SOC

August 02, 2017

Better, Faster, Cheaper? What You Should Expect from Next Generation Audits

The banking industry has been (understandably) shaken by the rise and impact of technologies like automation and artificial intelligence. The audit profession has been similarly shaken. Already, machines can handle a substantial portion of the audit services we provide. Oddly enough for a client service profession, however, it’s virtually impossible to find any information about how tactical audit process changes will impact our clients. A quick Google search shows no articles about what audit clients should expect to experience in the coming seven or so years.

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Topics: Audit