May 24, 2016 2:00:00 PM

Is It Better to Be Lucky or Good?

What were you doing on September 18, 2015? I was watching the Ole Miss vs. Alabama football game from the comfort of my home and like anyone else on the planet who didn’t go to school in Tuscaloosa, I was rooting hard for Ole Miss. It was quite a competition with stellar athletics and mind-boggling, shameful errors on both sides. But the play that I remember most happened early in the third quarter. The Ole Miss quarterback goofed a high snap and by the time the ball came back down into his hands, he had half a second to pass it down field before being crunched between two Alabama defensive players. The pass bounced off the hands of one Ole Miss receiver and off the head of an Alabama player before landing cleanly into the hands of a second Ole Miss receiver who ran it in for a touchdown. The crowd went nuts. I went nuts—screaming at the television in excitement. The memory of that moment is forever etched into my brain. It was one of the most exciting plays I’ve ever seen. 

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